The east


High Technology includes the following non-exclusive list;

1. PTAU's (Personal Tactical Assault Units) - A exo-skeleton designed to house one standard sized humanoid. Approximately eight feet tall, bipedal and complete with ONE of the following weapons: Assault Cannon, Ion Cannon or Flamethrower. Can run for 72 hours before needing to be recharged with either a Fusion Charger, or a Lightning spell.

2. Ion Cannons - An eight foot long cannon, that fires man-sized bolts of energised plasma. Can be fired 10 times before it requires reloading, using a Fusion Charger or a Universe Spell. Can be used as a ranged weapon only on the ground or in the hands of an Anvar.

3. Rail Driver - A twelve foot long weapon, that fires super-accelerated slugs of metal at hyper velocities. Takes five minutes to recharge between shots. The slug is the size of a man's fingernail, but will punch a fist sized hole through anything it impacts with. The slug itself won't stop for about a mile.

4. Assault Cannons - A heavy gatling cannon, suitable to be mounted on a PTAU, a turret or carried as a ranged weapon by an Anvar. Chain feeds from a large bullet silo stored nearby. Fires 3000 rounds a minute. Bullets are the length of a man's hand. Full discharge of the silo occurs in ten minutes.

5. Laser Rifles - Fires a small bolt of magnetically sealed energy. Does comparable damage to that of a standard bullet from a Dwarf Handgun. Can fire 50 shots before needing to be reloaded. Cartridge can be reloaded from a Fusion Charger or through a Fire or Light spell.

6. Flamethrower - Unleashes a gush of burning liquid over a large area, which melts and burns flesh. On full fire, the canister will empty in five minutes. Reloading method unknown.

7. Mass Driver - A smaller, hand-held, weaker version of the Rail Driver, the Mass Driver fires a slug of similar size, but has a range of only a few feet before the energy behind the slug fades. Three minute reload time.

8. Fusion Charger - A man-sized fusion generator, this allows the recharging of most High Technology weapons and is a smaller version of a colony ships engine. As a fusion generator it is self-sustaining, but if damaged could explode in a truly violent manner.

Any High Technology must be found as the result of quest. KEEPING any High Technology found on said quests is at the sole discretion of the judging Mod. Appealing to a Smod or higher will NOT change the results of the judging.

© Joshua Binks (Paladin), Christopher Riley (Carnage) and Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) 2002 -