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The rules for Cross-Classing are surprisingly simple. If it states in the Sect you choose that the Race you play can have this for free, then just go for it. I.E, DragonLord's and Wild Magic.

For example, you could have a Dark Magic using DragonLord who ALSO uses Wild Magic.

Or a Western Anvar with Light Magic (free) and Illusion Magic. (chosen 'Sect')

However, problems arise if you wish to be, say, a human and use both Guardian and Order spells. This sort of thing is allowed, but only under Mod Descretion and the follows rules must be adhered to.

1. You'd better have a damn good reason.

2. The following Magics can be crossed under NO circumstances;
Dark - Holy
Corrupt - Holy
Dark - Light
Corrupt - Light
Dark - Guardian
Fire - Ice
Fire - Water
Air - Earth
Universe - Earth
Research - Psychic
Scripture - Anything

Most of these should be pretty self-explanatory. If they aren't, then a Mod will be happy to explain. And then beat you with a stick. :)

3. You'd better have a damn good reason!

4. Don't go crazed. I mean it. Not throwing balls of ever burning tree sap at people just because you think it's funny that they'll look like they're covered in over cooked snot.

5. Mod's decision is final.

6. Direct all questions to the relevent Mod. If no Mod is available, wait 3 hours. If one STILL isn't available, I should be. Failing that, send me an e-mail or a PM and I'll get back to within about thirty seconds of logging on.

7. The Magics are interconnected in a very specific fashion. Some Magics are hard to combine in this way and others are very simple. Mods will be able to give you more advice.

© Joshua Binks (Paladin), Christopher Riley (Carnage) and Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) 2002 -