The east



The Isle of Islara is rumoured to be the site of the Temple of Solar. Naturally the island has a massive population of Anvar, especially Anvar Paladins. Indeed since most of the island is taken over by immense fortress-temples, it is not unusual to come across Anvar who have never seen the world beyond their island. Dominating all is the single huge spine of Solgaran, Solar's Landing, surrounded by hundreds of defensive structures. Solgaran is said to be the spot where Solar first stepped foot on Tal'Vorn and as such is, to the Anvar, the single most holy spot on the planet.

Islara has a higher then average density of metals in it's rock and soils, though this is still not as high as might be thought. Tal'Vorn does not have many dense metals, with the Dwarves fetching all of their iron from Dragon's Eye.

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