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Airships are an extremely rare and expensive luxury, typically reserved only for high ranking members of various Sects, or incredibly rich merchants. The technology behind them is classic Research Sect technomagic, mixing Mani and High Technology into some kind of bastardised format. However these are no ungainly, hot air propelled balloons, incapable of making more then a couple of knots air-speed. Instead these airships are literally that. The hull of a sea going craft modified to make it utterly air-tight, with a Mani Engine slapped to the back and pointed at the air.

Naturally the first few times this was attempted, the airships crashed. Spectacularly. However with some careful thought and a goodly amount of modification, the airships were made slimmer, more streamlined and lighter. The power output of the Mani Engines was increased to dangerous levels and finally the first airship flight took place. The fact it only lasted fifteen seconds is ignored by the Research Sect as an irritating aside.

Now however, the technology is in full swing and is, if not safe, at least capable of hovering, long flights and not simply crashing if someone kicks the wrong bulkhead. A small airship typically has room for a 5 man crew, as well as 15 troop carrying capability. The Mani Engine is capable of speeds of 17 knots through the air and in emergencies the airship can even float and the Mani Engine converted over to water based propulsion.

However the pride of the Guardian fleet, the massive GSS Invincible, whilst having perhaps an unlucky name, has a crew of over fifty, troop carrying capacity of almost three hundred and even has broadside gunpowder cannon, and a front mounted Ion Cannon. It is capable of extended city siege but is only capable of a maximum speed of seven knots.

Rules for owning a Airship:

1.Your character needs to be of at least Sorcerer level.

2. Magus Council Sect members only.

3. No you CAN'T have something the size of the GSS Invincible.

4. All Airships require a quest to earn.

5. All Airship weaponry requires a quest to earn PER WEAPON.

6. You will need to team up with OTHER players to rp your crew, or an NPC crew, all following the usual judging rules, though naturally a lot weaker then a normal char.

7. Ship size is limited to a maximum of 7 crew, two guns and 20 man carrying capacity. A ship of this size is capable of speeds up to 15 knots.

8. And finally, Airships are subject to Mod Discretion!

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