The east

Welcome to the West

This is the first of Tal'Vorn's expansions and deals with the Western Land. It also contains information on those powerful creations, Airships and High Technology. Using the information with this expansion, you, the rper, will be able to create a character from either the noble lands of the Northar, or the debased and vile Southar territories.

Also included is new information on the types of Magic these groups have access to and the places in which they live. Not only that, but with the release of this expansion, cross-classing within Tal'Vorn has now become legal. You can now be a member of the Order Sect and weild limited Light Magic as well, or be a Dark Mage and still be able to use those spells you learned in your years as a Fire Sect Wizard. The West expansion simply increases the possibilities available to a Tal'Vorn roleplayer, allowing you to make ever more diverse characters.

It also gives you the opportunity to discover more about the Human Races, and what spurred them into colonizing Tal'Vorn in the first place. But bear in mind, not everything you see can be trusted, for the Corrupter, Ievar the Dark God, the Creator of Lies, is everywhere.

© Joshua Binks (Paladin), Christopher Riley (Carnage) and Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) 2002 -