The east

Welcome to the South!

This is the third expansion for Tal'Vorn, the South. The largest expansion yet, you will be able to use the information presented here to create one of five new, and powerful Races, some of them mentioned elsewhere and some of them completely new. The powerful yet brutal Ancient DragonLords have returned from Exile to finally destroy Humanity. The Morain, stone given life and the gift of flight, are powerful, honour bound warriors, freshly birthed into the world. The Nemar, created when Mani were birthed into Tal'Vorn and capable of living on land or sea, are kin to the Beasts, yet with a more noble and controlled savagery. The seductive Sirens control powerful Sound magics to confuse, beguile and seduce the weak-willed into their service. And the barbaric Venris, born of darkness into the service of the Shadow, prepare their armies to conquer the rest of the South.

New Magics come with the new Races. Having had generations to practice, the Ancient DragonLords have developed their ancestral Wild Magic into something altogether more refined. The Sirens can control Sound itself to create sonic attacks to deceive and control. The Nemar have taken the Pack Magic that all Beasts are born with and created something far less brutal, their Feral Magics giving them control over the animals around them.

Much of the South is a tropical island paradise, but much of it is also cast into the gloom created by the ash-falls of the Weeping Eye Volcano, home of the Conflaris. It is a dangerous place, especially for those who are Human or even for those who simply look Human, as many of the Ancient DragonLords will simply kill on sight. The waters are little safer, the Sirens and Nemar quite willing to hunt down those who stray into their territory. And should you stray too far South then you will enter the territory of the Venris and there you risk falling under the influence of the Shadow.

© Joshua Binks (Paladin), Christopher Riley (Carnage) and Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) 2002 -