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Magic Information

Though it is difficult to become a Psychic Magic User, once you have learnt this incredibly powerful magic, you would become nigh unstoppable. You would be able to alter your reality, lift things with your mind, change how people perceive you, alter how their very senses receive information. Put simply, Psychic Sect utilizes the Power of the Mind.
Forbidden Magic
Like all of the Recognized Forms of Magic, Psychic Magic is a method for incredibly powerful spells to be cast, and thus, has it's own Forbidden Magic. Locked away by the Magus Council, these Spells are too powerful for any but the most stalwart of heroes to wield.
  • Telekinesis Totallus Absolutus
    Utilizing this Forbidden Spell, the Caster exerts his strength of will over everything in the general vicinity.
  • Time Walking
    Calling on the ultimate form of manipulation of the Theory of Interspatial-Time Dynamics, the caster is able to step through time and space as easily as if it were but air. [This is not a Forbidden Spell usable by PCs]

Sect Political Information

Yet the Psychic Sect is not one for major demonstrations of power, preferring to keep themselves hidden away from the prying eyes of the Order. Their relations with the other Sects is strained at best, especially with the Research and Order Sects, the former desiring the knowledge privy to those able to utilise Psychic Magic and the latter worried about the implications to security that Psychic Magic implies. However there are several occasions upon which the unique talents of the Psychic Sect have been called upon by the Order, generally in the interrogation of prisoners who have had their memories either wiped or are suffering from some deep rooted trauma or amnesia. In this same vein, some Psychic Casters work closely with the Healer Sect in determining the extent of mental damage on a patient.

Psykers are generally either Human or Ether Walkers, Humanity showing an interesting ability with the Magic of the mind that would not, perhaps, be expected in such a Race.

The symbol used by the Psychic Sect is the Lidless Eye, a mark that shows that the power of the Sect allows them to see all.

It is difficult to know the current Lord Psychic, for once their powers have increased enough for them to traverse time, they will occasionally change time periods when they have grown tired of their natural time-line. Thus, it is considered 'ordinary' to have a Lord Psychic grace Magus Council Meetings when they haven't even been born yet. The most notable Lord Psychics to work in this time period of Tal'Vorn is Alexandre ThoughtBreaker, and Christoph MindStealer. However, the last one seen operating in the stead of the Lord Psychic of this era was Alexandre.

The Theory of Interspatial-Time Dynamics

Though strictly speaking one of the younger Sects, time means nothing to a Psychic Mage, for when skilled enough they can step backwards and forwards through the very barriers of reality itself because of the Theory of Interspatial-Time Dynamics. This states that at one point in time all things were in the same place and so all time must have been in the same place and as all time was in one place, that one place could have been anywhere and thus all time can be accessed from anywhere. Whether or not the Theory is true is irrelevant as Psychic Casters can alter reality. Thus they only have to believe it is true for it be true.

General Allies: Universe, Guardian
General Hostilities: Research, Order
Main Goals of the Psychic Sect:
- Increase it's Power Base
- Increase it's knowledge
- Protect said knowledge from intruders or outsiders

Moderator Note: Psychic Sect is a Restricted Magic Form. You must gain Moderator Approval before you will be allowed to use this.

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