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Magic Information

Order magic is specifically targeted for the controlling of crowds, as well as individuals. It is perfectly able to do such things as create shields, cause paralysis, as well as cause pain, although the last not as efficiently as Dark Magic can. Order Magic was creating for 'crowd control', and as such, is exceedingly apt at it.
Forbidden Magic
Like all of the Recognized Forms of Magic, Order Magic is a method for incredibly powerful spells to be cast, and thus, has it's own Forbidden Magic. Locked away by the Magus Council, these Spells are too powerful for any but the most stalwart of heroes to wield.
  • Flay
    Utilizing the heaviest form of Order Magic, the caster tears the flesh, and muscle from his enemies' bones, all the while keeping them alive during the process. Immense pain is felt during this time, as the nerves and brain are the last things to be destroyed. The end effect is quite lethal; death by either exsanguination, or the utter ruin of all bodily functions and systems.
  • Death
    Instantly stops all bodily functions in one target. Heartbeat, breathing, brain activity, even the circulatory system, given that the subject of the spell has one.
  • Destruction
    Instantly destroys any target item bearing an enchantment or scripture rune.
  • Eternal Torment
    Grants the afflicted immortality, but also puts them in horrendous pain for the rest of time. Used most commonly in the Torment Engines that the Order use to hold certain criminals.

Sect Political Information

The Order are a group of Magic Users who work under the control of the Magus Council, that group of shadowy spell casters that controls all the human comings and goings on Tal'Vorn. The Order themselves answer only to the Lord Magus, at the moment one Robert LightBringer, Guardian Lord, and to their own Sect Lady, Lisha SilverSword. This gives them an unprecedented level of freedom and an ability to act mostly as they please so long as they do not anger the Lord Magus, one of his allies or the Lady Order.

Generally Order members are known as policemen and protectors, those who preserve the peace and maintain the status quo. Of course as with any great organization, absolute power corrupts absolutely and there are many rumoured reports of Order members attacking members of the public unprovoked, the most loudly voiced complaints coming from the Lord Magus himself. Though Lisha SilverSword says that they investigate the truth of the matter, it is doubtful if the actual facts will ever really come to light or if it will simply be covered up by some corrupt Order Sorcerer.

The Order has the origins in the turmoil following the Great War. When the humans began to settle the city of Vorn, crime was rife as the limited food supplies were stretched to breaking point. To prevent absolute anarchy, the first Order Lord was created and was given the power of judge, jury and executioner to prevent further drains upon the newly formed Magus Council's already stretched resources. For a while the Order Lord, who's name was struck from the records as a matter of general internal security for the Order, actually trained his students himself, until there where enough to police Vorn City, some three thousand Order Wizards, a thousand Order Mages, five hundred Sorcerers, twelve Masters and himself. Of course over time the numbers of Mages and Wizards have swollen until not even the current Lady Order is entirely certain how many Order members there actually are.

The Current Lady Order is Lisha SilverSword.

For many years now, ever since symbols first came into the heraldry of the Magus Council, the Order has been represented by the arrow, the single direction it provides representing the Order ideal.

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