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Magic Information

Spells normally range from Guardian Gate to Magic Missile, as well as a learned ability to recognize spells from other Sects. The Guardians are also expert wall breakers, generally called in when a group of opponents is within a fortified location. Using their magics, the Guardians can cause the very walls to rip themselves asunder. They tend more towards defensive then offensive spells, though they are more then capable of handling themselves in a fight.
Forbidden Magic
Like all of the Recognized Forms of Magic, Guardian Magic is a method for incredibly powerful spells to be cast, and thus, has it's own Forbidden Magic. Locked away by the Magus Council, these Spells are too powerful for any but the most stalwart of heroes to weild.
  • Flay
    Utilizing the heaviest form of Guardian Magic, the caster tears the flesh, and muscle from his enemies' bones, all the while keeping them alive during the process. Immense pain is felt during this time, as the nerves and brain are the last things to be destroyed. The end effect is quite lethal; death by either exsanguination, or the utter ruin of all bodily functions and systems.
  • Hevar's Word
    Calling on the most potent form of Guardian Magic, the caster tears down any Fortification made of stone or steel by uttering a single, whispered word. This spell is miraculous to behold in action, as it seems that the very structure is ripping itself apart.

Sect Political Information

The Guardians are the protectors of the Magus Council and the guards of the human cities. There are many of them and their opinion in Council matters is generally the deciding factor. They are not outside of the jurisdiction of the Order however and still must obey the laws of the city.

The Sect gets on well with most of the other groups, having particular links to both the Fire and Earth Sects. Indeed when one of these three Sects makes a vote, it is almost a given that the other two will support it. Such selective politics is typical of the Magus Council however and is of little consequence as each Sect Lord or Lady has their own agenda in the grand scheme of things.

The Most used Symbol for the Guardian Sect is a great Iron Gate, however, other Symbols have been used, such as the Stone Tower and the Steel Shield. The Iron Gate is meant to Symbolize the magics of the Guardian Sect, and their duty to guard the Magus Council, while the Stone Tower and Steel Shield are meant to represent their steadfast resolve and their duty to protect the people, respectively.

The Current Lord Guardian is Robert LightBringer, also the Lord Magus of the Magus Council.

General Allies: Fire, Earth
General Hostilities: Order
Main Goals of the Guardian Sect:- Increase it's Power Base
- Protect the Human Cities
- Protect the Magus Council
- Teaching. (The Guardian Sect is responsible for Education within Tal'Vorn; especially at the Mage School.)

Racial Magic Users: Soulless

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