The east


Of all the sects the DarkSiders are the most feared and the least known. They may be the smallest of all the Sects but they make up for this through sheer raw power. A sub-Sect of the Order, they are tasked with the most difficult of missions and with their ability to use any spells they desire, they rarely if ever fail in what they do.

Very little is known about the DarkSiders and those who make up their ranks since most that encounter the DarkSiders don.t live to tell the tale. No one aside the members of this Sect even know the exact location of their Headquarters, however rumours suggest that its somewhere in the south-west lower levels of Vorn City, due to multiple unexplained disappearances of would be thieves and muggers. The Headquarters itself is protected by powerful charms of concealment and can only be accessed via teleportation into the main entrance hallway, something which would be suicidal for any would be intruder.

A DarkSiders can only be told apart from a Dark Caster by the small amount of gold trim to their robes, the higher up members often also have golden designs on the shoulders and backs of their robes to display their status. DarkSiders often work under cover within groups of Dark Casters for purposes of intelligence gathering: the reason behind their robe designs.

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