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Air Magic is commonly used as pin-point attacks, yet with a sense of style, for instance public assassinations when the friends of the killer are required to know exactly who killed the person. However it is also capable of summoning up great storms and ferocious winds. This makes Air Magic very popular with sailors, and any ships setting out for the Dawn Islands, Dragon Isle or from Vorn to Grath would be foolish not to take an Air Caster along with them. Indeed many Air Sect members amass a small fortune this way, charging extortionate fees for their services.
Forbidden Magic
Like all of the Recognized Forms of Magic, Air Magic is a method for incredibly powerful spells to be cast, and thus, has it's own Forbidden Magic. Locked away by the Magus Council, these Spells are too powerful for any but the most stalwart of heroes to wield.
  • Force of Air
    Utilizing this Forbidden Spell, the Caster launches a white orb of swirling wind. The inside of such an orb is incredibly violent; the wind speed reaching greater than a Tornado's. Contact with such an orb will literally tear through the target, as the unbelievably violent winds act almost like a grouping of razor blades. After such an impact occurs, the orb continues moving; allowing it to strike multiple targets. Due to the nature of this spell, it's course is quite erratic.
  • Hurricane
    Calling on the strongest of their Sects Magics, Air Casters are able to summon up and control the massive winds of a Hurricane. As one would imagine, this is incredibly destructive against both life-forms as well as structures.

Sect Political Information

It is perhaps fitting that the Air Sect should once have been exclusively the domain of the Angels. In a rare breaking of the normally strict Angel Hierarchy, any Angel who is gifted with magic can be a Caster, regardless of the colour of his or her wings. The Air Casters used to be sent to the great College of War, like the Black Winged Angels, yet in recent times this has somewhat changed. humanity learnt Air Magic but slowly, mostly due to the problems of summoning down lightning bolts and not being struck by them yourself!

Yet as time passed, eventually the humans became adept at the magic and were able to teach it themselves at the Mage School. Once this occurred, and the Angels lost their monopoly on this Magic, one of the major strengths of that air-borne Race was also gone. Now, the Air Sect has found alliances with the Order, and Fire sect, both of which value it's support.

The Symbol of the Air Sect is a Lightning Bolt.

The Current Lord Wind is Amphytrael BlackWing.

General Allies: Order, Fire
General Hostilities: Guardian, Earth
Main Goals of the Air Sect: Increase it's Power Base

Racial Magic Users: Angels

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