The east

Welcome to the Outer Reaches - COMING SOON!

This is the fourth expansion for Tal'Vorn, the Outer Reaches. Detailing the complex and dangerous world beyond our reality, the Outer Reaches deals with the home land of the Ether Walkers, the Ether Sea. Here the power of the mind holds sway and dangerous, psychic and sonic-based life-forms exist, ready to push through into Tal'Vorn and prey upon the unsuspecting residents.

Many of the new Races detailed here evolved within the Ether Sea and are not the direct offspring of a God. This does not make them any less powerful however, as their victims can attest to. From the vicious, sound-blasting, dolphin-like Naskaara, to the stranded, mute but powerfully psychic Ethereals, to the powerful but by no means invulnerable Ether Walkers themselves, the Races of the Ether Sea are exceedingly varied. Not only that but a new Breed of DragonLord, born of crystal and diamond, reside within the Outer Reaches as well.

Most of the Ether Sea is completely hostile to life, though a few places possess enough reality to be habitable. From the small, constantly-moving island known as Ta'eekenah, to the massive, heavily-inhabited floating island Aeyabaekra, on which resides the Temple of Timus, the Outer Reaches is like no place in Tal'Vorn.

The strands of Time themselves shifting before the people of the Reaches, more possibilities than ever await the new player.

© Joshua Binks (Paladin), Christopher Riley (Carnage) and Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) 2002 -