The east


The Mage War is coming . . .

The Magus Council is divided, split, into two rival factions.

Robert LightBringer, the Lord Guardian and original Lord Magus, leads the loyalist faction. His rival, the Lady Order, Lisha SilverSword, is in command of the separatist Sects.

It is a time of great danger within Tal'Vorn, for both sides, Loyalist and Separatist, are desperate to recruit any and all Casters. Lisha has extended the hand of friendship to the Beast tribes in exchange for their numbers and might and to several notable Blood Magic Casters within Vorn City in the search for greater power. Robert on the other hand, has sought an accord with the Northar and Anvar in the West, trying to guard his flank.

All the Sects are split between the conflict, members of each Sect picking a side based upon their own conscience, and none can be sure of anyone's loyalty any more. The Dark Sect and the other monsters in the night are taking advantage of this, closing in whilst the Sects are fighting amidst themselves.

You must choose who to support, the Loyalist Guardian Sect, or the Separatist Order. Your strength, your actions, could tip the balance in favour of one side or the other. Or, you could be one of the ones on the outside of the conflict, and there your decisions could well send both sides spiralling into a circle of mutual self-destruction.

Now is the time! Choose your side! The light or the dark! Save the World or destroy it!

Welcome to Tal'Vorn. Welcome to the World.

© Joshua Binks (Paladin), Christopher Riley (Carnage), Brad Rumsey (Lithium), Alicia Rumsey (Escapist) and Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) 2002 -