The east


Travel across Tal'Vorns immense surface would be both long and costly if it was not for the Dwarf and Ether Walker invention of the Jump Gate. Though limited in it's range and taking almost six hours to recharge after use, the Jump Gate still cuts journey times to a fraction of what they would other wise be. It would take eight Jumps in total to travel from Vorn to Grath City, a journey that averages just over a year on foot taking only a few hours by Jump Gate.

All cities have at least one Jump Gate with notable exceptions having more (Vorn City has four, Grath City has two and Drazzahezz has three). Some cities don't have any, such as Primus, Lara, and the twin Pravaii Cities. This is due to them either being hostile, or destroyed.

Jump Gates resemble nothing more or less then an immense upright gateway, complete with portcullis. Normally the Jump Gate is folded down flat to the floor with the portcullis in place to prevent unauthorized usage of the Gate. However the Gate is lifted shortly before the Gate is used. To activate the Gate is simple. You just step up to the podium in front of the Gate, move the Jump Point selector on the map set in to the podiums face to the required Gate and press down. The Gate will lift it self into a vertical position via a hinge on one side, leaving the portcullis on the ground out of the way. The Gate activates, the portal opens and you step through. A few moments later, you step out at your destination.

Travelling THROUGH the Gate is a strange experience, even though it lasts only a few heartbeats. There is no air and thus no sound, but it is not a true vacuum for your lungs do not collapse or implode. There is no touch other then bitter cold and a great weight all across your body and there is no sight other then blackness. Fortunately you do not have to actually walk through this place, for the power of the Gate drags you through on it's own.

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