The east


The current date is 1500 AL (After Landing).

-5000 AL - Gods arrive on Tal'Vorn
-4500 - Birth of Drake FrostHeart, first DragonLord and first of the Elder Races.
0 AL - Humanity Lands upon Tal'Vorn. Construction of Primus. Great War begins.
12 AL - Great War ends with the defeat of humanity.
36 AL - Creation of Grath City.
45 AL - Creation of Karamaterra.
57 AL - Creation of Vorn City.
92 AL - Creation of the Magus Council.
149 AL - Division of the Order Sect from the Guardian Sect.
282 AL - Humanity formally takes control of the Jump Gate network, except for Gates in the home cities of the Elder. 999 AL - Illaria Purges decimate and officially wipe out the Dark Sect.
1201 AL - Division of the Ice Sect from the Water Sect.
1227 AL - Creation of the prison city of Dar.
1499 AL - Majority of the Elven Race vanishes over night. Declaration of the Mage War.
1500 AL - Arrival of the New Gods . . .

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