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Those who believe in Shaltar have endless faith in him. Lord to the Dragons and DragonLords, Shaltar is bound by no limits in his power, and his wrath is said to be never-ending. God of War, and Lord of the World, Shaltar's presence is felt everywhere. Worshippers of Shaltar generally follow the dogma of their god more closely than any other religion's followers would, due to Shaltar's faithful being almost fanatical in their beliefs. They believe that their god is always present, and thus, there is no reason to pray to him, as he can see everything first hand. Most commonly associated to the Warrior's guild, Shaltar is linked with both Killar and Hevar. Shaltar was the second God to descend to Tal'Vorn, and is said to be an immense warrior, beside whom, even Dragons and DragonLords are nothing. Shaltar is likely the most well-known God of Tal'Vorn. His Holy Sign is the Broken Sword.

Husband of Vriclar. Father of Hydros, Grathis, Killar, Solar, Aeros, Terra, Timus, Illaria, The Lady, and Javersith.
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The god of Time, Timus is said to be the only one capable of truly altering or changing destiny or fate. Those who have had the honour of seeing him first hand almost never recognize him for what he is, due to his varying physical appearance. Only one thing remains constant with his physical form; his eyes are always a bright blue. His mind is unfathomable, and beyond knowing. Able to see and manipulate the vary threads of time, he knows everything that was, is, and can ever be. Creator of the Ether Walkers, his children are almost as enigmatic as he is. Wed to The Lady, Timus is well-known amongst the Psychic Sect, and any loyal to them. It was Timus and Shaltar, acting in accord, who stripped Fallen God Ievar of his power. His Holy Sign is the Handless Clock.

Brother of Shaltar and Vriclar. Husband of The Lady. Father of Zarner, Hevar, and Ievar.
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God of Magic and Knowledge, Grathis is the holder of all secret or forbidden knowledge, and the creator of Mani. It is due to him that all magic exists, and we are only able to use it at his whim. Known to be the first God to descend to Tal'Vorn, Grathis' creation of Mani was undoubtedly the single greatest event to shape Tal'Vorn's creation. It is said that when he walked the surface of Tal'Vorn, he was never the same as he was the moment before. Always shifting and mutating with evolution and advancement, his body was like snowflakes; never the same twice. His power was unquestionable: Able to alter reality with but a thought, the world changed around him, just as he himself changed with the passing of each moment. His Holy Sign is the Open Book.

Son of Shaltar and Vriclar. Unwed.
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Master of the winds and skies, Aeros is the God of air and is the Lord and Creator of the Angels. While the Angels were made in his image, he is beyond comparing with mortals of any kind. To look upon Aeros is to look upon the very nature of divinity. Unlike the Angels, his Halo and Wings are multicoloured, throwing off many shades of colour, and to look upon them is rapturous. Said to be the embodiment of Nobility, his appearance surely reflects this. It is said that when the sky pours rain, and lightning laces the clouds, that it is Aeros' voice booming out across the lands, too divine for mere mortals to understand. His Holy Sign is the Golden Storm.

Son of Shaltar and Vriclar. Formerly married to Javersith.
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Powerful beyond measure, Terra is the God of Earth and Stone. It is said that not even the strongest power could control or stop Terra. The embodiment of strength and endurance, he is the Lord and Creator of the Dwarves, and is furiously protective of his people. Terra is said to be fond of Drink and fighting, and like his children, Honour and Duty mean more to him than anything else. Nothing can raise his fury like dishonourable actions, betrayal, or lying can, and to see his wrath is to look into the fire of the sun. Terra is the most worshipped god amongst the Earth Sect. His Holy Sign is the White Mountain.

Son of Shaltar and Vriclar. Husband of Javersith. Father of Asgar and Dellimentai.
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Kind and generous, Javersith is a true Goddess of Goodness. It was her hand that crafted the Fairies, and she is said to be able to cure any wound, or heal any hurt. Sister to Timus and Grathis, Javersith received their help in the Creation of the Fairies, and it is said that they are made in her image; their faces never showing signs of anger or hatred. Following her legacy, the Fairies of Tal'Vorn healed everyone they could, and never took sides or waged war. Javersith is the most influential Goddess among the Healer Sect. At the time of Tal'Vorn's creation, she was wed to Aeros, but the Sky Lord's absolute love of freedom drove her away. Her Holy Sign is the Red Crucifix.

Daughter of Shaltar and Vriclar. Wife to Terra. Mother of Asgar and Dellimentai.
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The God of Light and Flame, and the true enemy of the Dark God, Solar is the Lord and Creator of the Anvar. Solar receives the most fanaticism and faith from his Creations of all the Gods, his followers even surpassing the Elves and DragonLords in religious dedication. And in examination, it is not hard to see why. Every time the sun shines across the lands of Tal'Vorn, it is but an extension of his power, a sign of his presence, for his power is Light and Flame, and surely the sun is his own. His Holy Sign is the Burning Star.

Son of Shaltar and Vriclar. Unwed.
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The God of Darkness, evil, and all that is Corrupt, he is the plague from which all on Tal'Vorn scuttle away from in mortal terror. Unmatched in his desire to spread death and destruction across the lands, he created the Mist Devils. Evil for evils sake, they cut a path of slaughter where ever they go. They care not for those they massacre. This is the Dark One's desire and drive; for mayhem and chaos to envelope the land in it's black fist. His Unholy Sign is The Pierced Eye, The Black Skull, and The Dark Rune.

Son of Timus and The Lady. Unwed.
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The God of water, and all it's forms, Hydros the Wave Caller is unchallenged in his Oceanic realm, his control and influence over the Sea unquestioned. He is the Lord and Creator of the Mermen. The youngest of Shaltar's direct Children, Hydros is known as the Laughing God. Of all the Divine Ones, Hydros seems to answer prayers and wishes the most often, although what he grants is not always what the wisher wanted. It is said that he created the Mermen with an almost childish delight, and gave to them the traits required to move through his seas as easily as he himself could. His Holy Sign is the Frozen Wave.

Son of Shaltar and Vriclar.
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The Lord of Murder, Killar is the God of Death, and it is said his appetite for it is unquenchable. It is Killar who gave birth to the Demons of Tal'Vorn. It is said that the soul of anyone killed in anger or rage feed him, and fuel his power. In the beginning, Killar was not able to craft a realm in which his creations could live, and thus nearly departed Tal'Vorn. Had it not been for the intervention of the Dark God, the world might have been spared the atrocities of Killar. But it was not so. The Dark God, for reasons his own, Showed to Killar the realm of the Hells, and allowed him to cross over into them, to make them his own realm. But the Dark God had withheld the knowledge from Killar that once he entered this realm, he would be unable to escape. Thus bound, his influence faded for a time, only returning after the war, when the DragonKing negotiated with him for the use of his children in the war. After this, Killar was once more able to extend an influence into Tal'Vorn, in the form of his Children, and he is said to be able to speak with Mortals once more. Divine Husband to Illaria, Killar is well known and worshipped by both the Demon, and the Pravaii. His Unholy Sign is the Bloody Knife.

Son of Shaltar and Vriclar. Husband to Illaria. Father of Lilar and Nares.
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Twin brother to the fallen Ievar, or the Dark God, Hevar is the God of Justice and Law, and is known as the Nightbringer. Forever trying to keep his twin brother in check, Hevar created the Soulless as a counter balance to the Mist Devils; hoping to reverse the damage his brother had done. But in his creation, he withheld the most crucial part. As the name of his children suggests, they were deprived a soul, and as such, they hold almost no faith in Hevar. Divine Husband to Lilar, Goddess of Vengeance, it is said that they are the perfect couple; Justice and Vengeance. However, in reality, time has made perfect enemies of them; now, they are wife and husband in tradition only. His Holy Sign is the Red Moon.

Son of Timus and The Lady. Husband to Lilar.
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Wife to Shaltar, Vriclar is the mother and grandmother to all other Divine Gods of Tal'Vorn. The creator of the Elves, she made them in her image, although no beauty could ever compare to hers. It is said that those who lay eyes upon her are never the same after, their minds always remembering the astonishing, unbelievable beauty, longing to see it once more, for even just a moment. Divine Wife of Shaltar, Vriclar is well known amongst the Elves, and the Life Sect. Her Holy Sign is the Fallen Leaf.

Wife of Shaltar. Mother of Hydros, Grathis, Killar, Solar, Aeros, Terra, Timus, Illaria, The Lady, and Javersith.
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Divine Wife to the God of Justice Hevar, Lilar is the Goddess of Vengeance. She is the creator of the Venai Ravna, or simply the Venai as they are more commonly known. Daughter to Killar, Lilar holds a deep-rooted hatred of the Fallen God Ievar, for what he did to her father. She is also the Goddess of Technology, having been taught of such things by her Divine Uncle, Grathis. When seen by Mortal Eyes, Lilar is tall and slender, grey-eyed, and armoured in gleaming bronze and polished steel. Her weapon of choice is generally a spear, carried in one arm, opposite a horse-hair plumed helmet. Taught about the Anvar by Solar, Lilar modelled her own creations after them, but created them more toward war and aggression than defence. It is in this way that the Venai can be thought of to be sisters to the Anvar; the Anvar being the defensive version of the model, while the Venai are the aggressive side. Clever, Lilar will let little stand in the way of her desires, and has even been known to put aside her deep loathing for Ievar, and even co-operate with him, to achieve her goals. Her Sign is the Tipped Scale.

Daughter of Illaria and Killar. Wife to Hevar.
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Second Born of Killar's children, Nares is sister to Lilar, and the Goddess of the Hunt, of Madness, and of Blood-lust. It is said that she bears the bloodied eyes of her father, and the blonde hair of her mother, Illaria. Regarded as the Patron Goddess of Wolves and of all others who hunt in packs, Nares seems to hold respect the laws of nature, and the rule of 'only the strong survive.' It is also said that she wears the pelts of animals claimed in the Hunt as her clothing; it's fur still wet and dripping with it's own blood, and when she is armed for war, she bears a Dragon's skull as a shield, and wields a Bone club. Worshipped by the Beasts, she is known as Ishaka the Screamer. Her Sign is the Bloody Rose.

Daughter of Killar and Illaria.
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Mother to Zarner, Hevar, and the Fallen God Ievar, The Lady is wed to Timus, the Lord of the Ether Walkers and God of Time. She is the Goddess of Balance, Absolution, and Neutrality. For Justice to exist, so too must chaos, just as there is no dark without light. The Lady knows this, and in her wisdom, she seeks to maintain a perfect balance. Carrying a perfectly balanced scale and a judge's rod, The Lady is blind, her eyes white, and her skin dark, like Ievar, and half of Hevar. Those who worship The Lady have spread thin; Due to the absolutes of her Twin Children's dogmas, the balance she represents has fallen into overshadowing. Her Holy Sign is the Silver Balance.

Sister of Shaltar and Vriclar. Wife to Timus. Mother of Zarner, Hevar, and Ievar.
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The Divine Son of Terra, Asgar is a cheerful, good-natured God who loves strong drink. He is the God of Volcano, Heat, and Fire, and the Creator of the Conflaris. A thick black beard matches his long obsidian hair, on which rests an Iron crown, treated to withstand the heat of his divine fire, and in his hand is his Burning Mace. His eyes are said to be as black as chips of coal, and his skin cracks as he moves; revealing flames underneath. Due to the relation between Asgar and Terra, The Conflaris often fought side by side with the Dwarves before they went into retreat. His Holy Sign is the Dying Volcano.

Son of Javersith and Terra.
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Son of The Lady and Timus, Zarner is more closely linked to his Father than an outsider would suspect, for it is his Father's specialization which makes Zarner's possible. In time, anything, and everything can, and normally does, die. And this is, indeed, Zarner's domain. The God of Death, of Necromancy, and of Rebirth, Zarner's Children are the Mortis. Despite this, he is not an evil God, as one would expect; in fact, if one was to believe him an Evil God, they couldn't get further from the truth. Genuinely caring, he takes great pride in accepting any into his domain, even humans. It is said by those who see him that he is lean and thin, his once handsome face decayed and slightly rotted, and his voice is dry like air from a long sealed tomb, and that he wears mildewed and moth-eaten robes. His Holy Sign is the Empty Grave.

Son of The Lady and Timus.

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