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These southern islands are home to one of the newest of Tal'Vorn's cities, the nobleman's paradise of Trath City, a city that seems almost an extension of Tal Hill back on the Eastern Land. The islands themselves however have been home to fishermen for many years and are a common stop-over for goods travelling by sea. The temperature is tropical, the weather beautiful and the only real danger being the occasional high tide, as the islands are very low-lying. However since Tal'Vorn has very little geological activity, there is little risk of wide-spread flooding or tidal waves.

The most common plants are the simple palm tree and scrub grass, though a small variety of jungle flora flourish on some of the bigger islands. There are few animals however, the only ones that do actually make a home there are either birds, turtles or the creatures brought over by the nobles.
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Named because they are the first of the long island chains to see the suns each morning, Tal'Vorn being so huge that all the populated land masses still only occupy half the planet, and thus it takes a full thirteen hours after the setting of both suns beyond the Shadow Isles before they rise over the Dawn Islands. The largest of the many island chains, with the exception of Dragon Isle and the Isle of the Dead, the Dawn Islands are temperate with variable weather depending upon the direction of the wind.

If the wind comes from the nearby Great Continent then it is dry and cool, but if it comes from the ocean, which it does three times out of four, then it is humid, wet and warm. It's only sparsely populated, mostly by farming communities that grow crops to feed the populations of the major human cities. However in recent years the Islands have come under increasing threat of attack from the ships of the Pravaii, prompting a higher level of Caster and Warrior forces in the area then ever before.
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The Dragon Isle is considered Holy Ground to the DragonLords as their God, Shaltar, first stepped foot upon Tal'Vorn by landing upon this island. However humans have populated the island, though currently in only two small areas, one in the north and one in the extreme south. In the centre of the island is a strange area of utter silence, where no animal or bird goes. This is the most holy ground to DragonLord for at the heart of this stillness is the great Temple of Shaltar.

The weather upon the Dragon Isle is pleasant and temperate, mostly due to its location in the centre of the Great Bay, cradled by the arms of the Eastern Land. However occasionally foggy winds blow in from Grath City, or the weather is altered by some miscast spell in the Mage School.
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From the sweeping wasteland surrounding Grath City in the east, to the burning glass desert in which Vorn City is set and to the cool green forests of Lathrandar in the west, the Eastern Land is perhaps the most varied of all Tal'Vorn's landscapes, the towering mountains of Dragon Tip Point contrasting with the low-lying farmlands surrounding the Vorn and Tal Rivers on the outskirts of the Glass Wastes.

More temperate then the Great Continent, the Eastern Land is mostly controlled by humans, with the exceptions of the Drazz Mountains and Lathrandar Forest, leading to a lot of farms to feed the ever hungry mouths of Vorn, Grath. Dar and Trath.
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A land of towering mountains, dense jungles and rolling grassland inhabited by antelope, lions, and various other animals, the Great Continent is an animal paradise. However it is also a varied land. The northern extremes are used by the Angels to grow crops such as wheat and oats, whilst the southern area is used by the humans of Karamaterra as sugar cane plantations and to grow fruit.

The mountains are towering and inhospitable, with the exceptions of the Angel Cities which are enchanted to give a tropical climate. The rest of the area is cold and windy, though there is little rain deeper inland.
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Ringed around by towering cliffs, wrapped in an almost constant shroud of mist and fog, the Grey Lands are cold and bitter lands where virtually nothing grows beyond moss and the occasional area of extremely skinny fir tree. It is a land of towering grey rock spires and tumbling stones, home to very few creatures, including a couple of herbivores and their only predator, the loping quadrupedal man-sized reptile, Hastraii .

The Grey Lands are so empty and so devoid of resources that no Jump Gate was ever built there. Indeed it is doubtful that until the Pravaii arrived any sentient life had ever set foot upon the Grey Lands.
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A mostly temperate land, Ilattaerar is both wind-swept and rain-drenched, being surrounded as it is by the sea. It is mostly dull fen-land, interspersed with the occasional pine forest, home to several small herbivores and their predators. Though perfectly habitable, Ilattaerar is not somewhere anyone would wish to live when they could inhabit any of the other human cities, for even the slum life of Vorn City is at least warm and dry.

However the Order came up with a usage for this place many years ago, as did the Angels. Both races independently set up their own small cities there, complete with military garrisons and began shipping criminals there. Exiles, murderers and thieves all mix across this land and getting access to it is easy. Getting off it again is not.
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Once warm, fertile and pleasant, the Isle of the Dead is now a cold land, the ground marked red and the skies raining bloody water. All the rivers and springs are contaminated in this land and this effects the plants that grow there as well. No animals can live by drinking the water and thus the only creatures that inhabit the chilly plains are Demons, brought forth into existence by the old wound that such blood shed caused in reality.
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So called because the immense height and bulk of the Angels Peaks, in the Great Continent, throws a permanent shadow over the entire island chain for more then half the day, giving it a semblance of almost constant shadow. Naturally this makes the islands both cold and unpleasant, with little able to grow. The only things that do survive are a few sparse grasses and bushes and the small herbivores that feed upon them.
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Another series of islands used for farming, the Shadow Isles are under the constant threat of Demon attacks from the nearby Isle of the Dead. However the Order and Guardian Sects maintain a strong force upon the islands, and though these Casters may not be able to move fast enough to stop every attack in progress, they can at least gain some measure of revenge for killed humans that live in this chilly land.
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