The east

This is the paradox of the Soulless. Obey their God and die a final death, disobey and die a final death. There is no incentive, no drive other then faith, other then a sense of thanks for having life in the first place, for being given the chance to draw breath and walk upon Tal'Vorn. And for all too many of the Soulless, for too many of Hevar's children, this is simply not enough. They desire more, more power, more life, more existence, and yet they cannot have it. And so some of these Soulless, some of these children, betray their father and scream their hatred for the living, for the souled, into the night.

Physical Description: The Soulless are a mixed group, some of them eight foot behemoths, mountains of muscle and brutality, crafted with sheer destruction for most in mind, resilience and toughness highly important, with intelligence coming further down the list. They tend to be heavily built, long armed and short legged, their muscles bulging from their flesh, piggy eyes glaring around them. And yet others are short, gangly creatures, highly intelligent and well suited for controlling the flow of Mani, the very energy sparking from their finger tips as they move and talk. Yet there is a third group, the most unique and rare, that combine both elements, strength and skill, intelligence and brutality, into a being that looks so much like humanity that the only way to tell the Race and the Invader Humans apart is the bloody red or pitch black orbs of the Soulless. Indeed, they are so similar that it is possible to cross breed between Humanity and this third breed of Soulless, though the male children are always human, the female are invariably marked with the pitchy eyes or bloody orbs of the Soulless This last group are by far the most common, and it is these that described in the rest of this text. The Soulless have no soul, as their name implies, and, having been solely crafted to fight against the soul-drinking Mist Devils, have no other purpose in existence. Hevar the NightBringer intended to craft a Race of fighters and of mages that would be able to destroy the Mist Devils and thus preserve the other Races from the Dark Gods assault. Yet Hevar had not accounted for the self-awareness of His creations. Though they had no soul, the Soulless where well aware of just who and what their were and, worse, they were also fully aware of what Hevar would do with them once they had completed the task they had been born for. They would be destroyed.

Personality: Soulless tend to be a grim and brooding Race. They very lack of a soul, whilst not effecting their day to day lives, hangs over them like a poised sword. They throw themselves into everything they do to try and distract their minds and savour every moment of existence. This seems to come and go in bouts of mania followed by pits of sloth and depression, where many Soulless simply fail to see the point of getting up in the morning. However, as a majority, the Race is ferocious in its attempts to do good and keep to the word of Hevar, making the Soulless a powerful force for good on Tal'Vorn.

Religion: The majority of Soulless completely fail to see the point of worshipping Hevar. The God didn't give them souls, why would he answer their prayers now? However some believe in the God of Justice fiercely, believing that if they do well enough in their lives that the NightBringer will grant them another chance. Not a soul, but simply another lifetime to enjoy.

Relations: Soulless, in spite of their typically dim outlook on life, actually get on well with most of the Races. DragonLords can sometimes be an issue, due to Soulless-Born resembling Humans very closely, but this is typically minor in comparison to most of the other Races squabbles.

Territory: The Soulless, like a lot of the smaller Races in Tal'Vorn, are happy to live in the cities of the other Races, especially those of the Humans, as the Soulless-Born find it much easier to fade into the background there. As such, Soulless are actually much more uncommon in the more out of the way places on Tal'Vorn, such as isolated Jump Gate Communities.

Language: The Soulless, being made out of human stock, have never had a need for a language of their own and have never devised one. They came into a world already teeming with life and culture, and simply adopted much of it as their own. As such they all speak Common.

Names: Soulless naming conventions are effected by their cosmopolitan natures. As such they typically takes names common to the cities and areas they were born in.

Hevar is my God and Ievar is our enemy! Death to the Deathless! Kill the Mist Devils!

Fools! You would come here and try to stop me? You could not even comprehend the strength I have, the power that fills my limbs! Hevar is a false God! A liar and cheat who would not even grant His children souls! Well now I have a Soul! I am a Soulless no longer! I serve Ievar and I will crush you all in the Corrupters name!
Last words a rogue Soulless before he was destroyed by an Order taskforce.

© Joshua Binks (Paladin), Christopher Riley (Carnage), Brad Rumsey (Lithium), Alicia Rumsey (Escapist) and Vanessa Vaughan (Andanin) 2002 -