The east

Humanity came to Tal'Vorn almost one and a half thousand years ago and in that time their population has exploded until they are more populous then the Angels, DragonLords, Dwarves, Elves, Fae and Mermen put together. They are resourceful, adaptable, ruthless, manipulative, deceitful, greedy, vain, noble, courageous, petty, childish and foolish. Humanity is the true contradictory race and indeed it is perhaps because of this that they are so totally hated by so many of the other Races.

Physical Description: Humans range from five and a half feet to just over six and a half in height on average, with males being typically taller and heavier then females. Their hair colours run the usual gauntlet of shades from black to red to blonde, with eyes doing a similar thing with brown ranging to green and blue. Skin tones for humans are quite varied, from dark ebony shades to almost paper white. Humanity is also apparently able to interbreed with a lot of Tal'Vorns Elder races, resulting in many humans having at least a smattering of hybrid blood in them, typically Elven, Soulless or Mermish. DragonLord/Human Hybrids have been known, but typically have a very low life expectancy due to the violence of DragonLord reactions to such creatures. Something that does mark Humans out from most of the other Races, but isn't immediately apparent, is their talent for Psychic Magic. Originally created and designed by the mysterious Ether Walkers, a species of Elder Race created by the God of Fate. Timus. No other Race, other then the Ether Walkers, was capable of casting even a simple Psychic cantrip, until Humanity arrived. They mastered the Magic like every other, and have show worrying skill in it, exceeding many of the best Psykers amongst the Ether Walkers.

Personality: Humans are without doubt the most morally flexible of the Races. Whilst some are braver and more noble and some sink to lower depths of depravity and cruelty, few manage to do so within the same species. Adaptable and resourceful, Humans learn quickly, picking up basic concepts very easily allowing them to capitalise on any possible opportunities. Whilst they may lack the sheer courage of DragonLords, the stubbornness of the Dwarves or the sheer joy at life of the Mermen, they still enjoy the broadest range of emotional responses of any Race, bar Soulless and Fae. Indeed sometimes the apparently extreme emotional reactions of Humans can confuse and irritate the other Races.

Religion: Humans have no singular driving religion. Like all of the other Races, they know the Gods exist, but have no idea which God, if any, created them so long ago. As such, Each Sect has a favoured God, and Sect Members typically worship this God over others. They pray to other Gods as the circumstances dictate: Shaltar the AllFather receives battle-prayers, Javersith pleas for mercy or succour from sickness, Zarner, God of the Dead hears those who wish their loved ones to rest in peace and so on, each God being worshipped in turn.

Relations: Humanity does its best to get by without causing too much trouble. Though they outnumber the other Races, they are also well aware of their position outside the natural order of Tal'Vorn. They are well aware of their relatively frail physical capabilities when placed beside such creatures as Anvar, DragonLords or even Soulless and as such try to keep their heads down and mouths relatively shut as a species.

Territory: Humans control by far the largest amount of territory of any other Race on Tal'Vorn. They have multiple cities on multiple continents in multiple hemispheres, all of them teeming with human life. From the steely orb of Vorn City to the port town of Grath to the towering pyramid city Karamaterra in the jungles of the Great Continent, the humans have the edge in raw population. Not only that but they control the majority of the Jump Gate Communities as well, giving them unprecedented swift travel. In fact the Magus Council, the ruling body of Humanity, has been in place so long and has so much power that it is actually the primary controlling government of the entire planet, with many representatives of the other Races being members of the Councils Sects.

Language: Humans speak Common, though they are quite capable of learning most of the other languages on Tal'Vorn.

Names: Humans are as flexible in their names as everything else they do, typically using names that the parent simply finds interesting or amusing at the time. As such, Humanity uses any and all of the naming conventions of the other Races.

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