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Formed of the innate power of words, rather then the false illusions of the Mani, Scripture Magic is the Magic of the Lar'K'Leth. Incorporating specific vocal sounds, hand motions and body postures, it is a difficult magic to cast, to summon and to bind. Yet it is also the most powerful magic for crafting artefacts. Because Scripture Runes do not lose their power, even if all the Mani in an area are wiped out, they can be used in any situation and are far more reliable then simply hoping that the local population of microscopic illusion makers is high enough for your spell casting needs!

Indeed the only surviving Lar'K'Lath city, Lara, is protected by the most powerful set of defensive spells ever brought together in one place. Scriptures to destroy Mani, to detect invading armies, to destroy offensive weapons, everything that the dying race need to defend themselves against the overwhelming forces ranged against the Lar'K'Leth.

Scripture Magic, outside of Lara, is normally weaker then normal Mani based Magic, yet is more varied. Whilst a Fire Mage and a Blood Mage would only be able to cast Fire and Blood spells respectively, the Lar'K'Leth scriptures can cause flames to erupt, the temperature to drop, the ground to shake. Thus Scripture Magic is the weakest but at the same time the most versatile of all Magics.

It is restricted to Lar'K'Leth use only, as the First Born won't educate any others in its usage, so filled with hate are they. However a small group of Lar'K'Leth in Vorn City regularly sells rune-marked items for exorbitant prices to the hated foe.

Racial Magic Users: Lar'K'Leth

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