The east


When the Beasts were born from the wild inundation of magic that occurred when Grathis crafted the Mani at the beginning of the Time of Gods, some were also born with the gift of magic in their veins. These Beasts became the Shaman of the Packs and the magic that they cast became known as Pack Magic. It draws upon the Beasts roots in nature, with their link to the wild animals of Tal'Vorn and the innate strengths that such creatures have.

With the most powerful of Pack Magics, the Shaman can call up herds of wild creatures to aid the Beast tribe in their war against the Elves and Lar'K'Leth, against the usurper humanity. Yet it can also turn a weakling into a ferocious warrior by unlocking the animal within, the raging inferno of sheer ferocity that pounds within the breast of every Beast, the endless font of jealousy and envy against the other Races.

Pack Magic is not, obviously enough, represented on the Magus Council and indeed the Council refuses to admit that the Magic even exists. This is a typical attitude from the human rulers as they have no desire to admit that any kind of magic might be beyond them..

Racial Magic Users: Torma, Beasts

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