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Within this section of the Wiki, you will find the Rules for playing Tal'Vorn Live, both for out of combat conduct, including our sexual harassment policy, and for in-character rules.

OOC Rules

1. Be safe. Safety is our primary concern and whilst leaping boldly from the trees to assail enemies is very cool, it is also highly dangerous. Though that is perhaps a slightly extreme example, please ensure that whatever you do, you do it carefully and safely.

2. Do not argue with the crew. Mistakes occasionally get made and whilst we welcome rules discussions out of combat, stopping a fight to debate a fine point of the rules is not the correct way forward. Any of our Ref team will be happy to discuss any of the rules away from play, clarification requests are welcomed and statements will happily be repeated at the time, but arguments do not help.

3. Do not, under any circumstances, use anything other than an approved weapon for combat. This covers absolutely everything from lumps of wood, to frying pans, to your fists or feet. All weapons will be safety checked by members of the crew before their use is permitted.

4. Struck blows are always to be pulled. This means that whilst the blow can come in quickly, it must impact lightly. In addition, the throat, groin and face are not legal targets. We appreciate accidents happen, but people striking repeatedly at these locations will be removed from the combat. Head hits should be made with great care and if possible avoided.

5. The look of the game is important and as such we ask that people make every effort to try and appear in-character at all times. This helps everyone to maintain suspension of disbelief, thus adding to their enjoyment. Jeans and trainers, especially items of clothing marked with logos or obvious out of game markings, detract from this and we encourage players to instead embrace the style of dress common to the game.

Sexual Harassment Policy

PaladinStudios operates a zero tolerance policy for all of our games, both present and future, which includes Tal'Vorn Live. We absolutely encourage any individual who experiences any form of sexual harassment, be they crew or player, to report the incident to any of our Ref team at the earliest possible opportunity so we can deal with the matter efficiently and expediently.

In-character actions are absolutely not tolerated as an 'excuse' for inappropriate actions and will be treated just as harshly as any other form of sexual harassment. The following is a non-exclusive list of actions that PaladinStudios considers inappropriate actions, any one of which may constitute sexual harassment;

1. Verbal abuse or repeated unwanted sexual innuendo.

2. Deliberately and repeatedly invading another persons personal space.

3. Repeatedly requesting out-of-character interaction despite this being previously rejected.

4. Physical contact of an unwanted intimate or sexual nature.

Any complaints we receive will be dealt with swiftly and with the maximum of victim-led compassion. We operate primarily on a single-warning policy, provided that we are given a direct complaint. Hearsay is much more difficult to deal with, which is part of why we so strongly encourage victims to try and speak to us directly. Should that be impossible, then we will do our very best to comply with the needs and desires of those who have been harassed. We would prefer to involve police action but we will never attempt to force anyone into any action they do not wish to follow themselves.

Whilst we do maintain a single-warning policy, we also reserve the right to instantly and without warning remove anyone from our events and hired site as well as impose permanent bans upon both players and crew. Normally this action would be reserved for repeated offenders of any of our out-of-character rules, but will be used especially for more severe cases of sexual harassment in which the victim does not wish to involve the police.

Safety Calls

The following is a list of safety calls that may be used at any time during the game. Please be aware of each one and follow the guidelines below.

  • Time In - This call indicates that the game is live and that all players should remain in character.
  • Time Freeze - This call indicates that all players must immediately stop moving, close their eyes and hum in order to drown out any whispering or movement from the crew or Ref Team. Once the Time In call is made, players are to act as if no time has passed.
  • Man Down - This call is only to be used if a player or a member of the crew is physically injured. All players and crew are to go down onto one knee and cease roleplaying immediately. First Aiders and Ref's will ascertain the situation. Once the injury has been resolved or the injured party moved away, the game will be resumed through the use of the Time In call.
  • Time Out - This call indicates that the game has finished for the weekend.
  • Agincourt - This call is the 'safety' call. Anyone may use this to indicate that they are uncomfortable with the actions of another attendee or a topic being discussed. This is only to be used in situations involving genuine distress, phobias or discomfort with another attendee's actions. Anyone to whom this call is addressed is to cease the roleplay, action or line of conversation they are undertaking immediately.


  • All hits are to be pulled. Excessive unpulled blows will result in players being warned out-of-character. Continuing to do so is a breach of our Rules and will be treated as such.
  • The locations are Body, Left Leg, Right Leg, Left Arm and Right Arm. Head hits count against the body.
  • Armour on locations increases the amount of Wounds that location possesses and the Resilience and +1 Wound skills increase the Wounds of all locations.
  • Each time you are hit in combat you lose a Wound on the location struck.


  • Armour comes in four levels. Wearing armour without the correct Skill prevents you from casting any spells or using any combat tricks so long as you are wearing it.
  • Armour provides additional Wounds only to the locations it covers.

Light Armour

  • Light armour provides one additional Wounds on all locations covered.
  • Light armour is physrepped with padded cloth or thin leather.

Medium Armour

  • Medium armour provides two additional Wounds on all locations covered.
  • Medium armour is physrepped with thick leather, reinforced leather (via numerous studs or rivets), leather lamellar or armour made of lightweight materials such as 'Norton Plate' or mixed rubber and steel chainmail.

Heavy Armour

  • Heavy armour provides three additional Wounds on all locations covered.
  • Heavy armour is physrepped with true chainmail or mixed mail and plate.

Superheavy Armour

  • Superheavy armour provides five additional Wounds on all locations covered.
  • Superheavy armour requires a separate skill from heavy armour.
  • Superheavy armour is difficult and expensive to acquire in game,
  • Superheavy armour is physrepped with steel or similar weight metal full plate armour. Whilst plate can also count as heavy armour, it must be formed of steel and cover by far the majority of a location to count as superheavy armour.


  • You do not require any Skill to use a weapon to defend yourself in combat, however without the correct Weapon Skill you are not allowed to make combat calls of any kind.
  • You cannot use Two-Handed or Pole weapons without possessing the Strength 1 Characteristic. If you possess this and the Two-Handed or Pole Weapon Skill then you are able to make the 'Knockback' Combat Call with each blow.
  • All weapons will be safety checked every event by Tal'Vorn Live crew to ensure that they are safe for usage.
  • No bow is permitted with a poundage in excess of 35 pounds.