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Welcome to the Tal’Vorn Live Action Roleplaying Game, also known as Tal’Vorn Live for short. Live Action Roleplaying, or LRP/LARP for short is a shared experience game where the Players portray a Character within a high fantasy world utilising the rules presented here to cast spells, fight monsters and become heroes. It is a mixture of stage combat and acting which offers an experience unlike any other.

Tal’Vorn Live is designed for the Players to work together towards the goals involved at each event. However, not every Character will get on even if the Players portraying them do. As such whilst one player attacking another player is technically permitted, we strongly encourage you to work together. The World is a dangerous place and this, combined with the In-Character (IC) laws regarding assault and murder, make the lives of everyone involved much simpler with a bit of co-operation.

At each event the Players are presented with a variety of difficulties and tasks that need resolving and they make the choices as to which to pursue and in which order. Non-Player Characters, known as NPC’s, are portrayed by the events Crew and come in a variety of guises from monsters to kill or drive away to the town’s friendly merchant or authoritarian Order Secter. It is through interaction with these NPC’s that the quests and missions are resolved with success or failure riding on the actions of the Players.

Aim of the Game

Tal'Vorn Live is a high-fantasy, high-magic, high-combat linear based PvE system. It will involve horrifying monsters, moral choices, harsh combat, lethal enemies and potential PvP conflict. The player base may find that they have conflicting orders and requirements from their superiors and have to come to terms with that, as failure to fulfil their orders can lead to difficulty in becoming more powerful. As the game goes on, the foes will become more dangerous and lethal until a resolution occurs, at which point the threat level will lower again, ready for the next great enemy to make itself known.

The player base for Tal'Vorn Live represent, initially, low ranking members of the militaristic Sects that dominate the planet. Massively powerful military and magical organisations, the Sects dominate the allied Races and are the primary source of defence against the monsters, vile creatures and hateful Races that occupy much of the planet. The lowest Rank in each of these Sects is the Acolyte and as part of their final exam, these Acolytes are obligated to take part in a field trial of their strength and to ascertain their final suitability. Generally speaking the only requirement to pass this final test is to survive the time frame, normally a handful of days in hostile territory.

Haven, the town that forms the base that the players will spend a lot of their time at, is an ideal location for these field trials. It is located deep within an area known as the Shadow Woods, is surrounded with hostile creatures that need dealing with and is a reasonably simple place to defend. Higher ranking Sect members will occasionally visit Haven to ensure that the aims of the various Sects are being met, but there will also be individuals on site to ensure compliance and, should all the Acolytes fall, make sure that the Jump Gate, that forms the swiftest method of travel between towns, does not fall into enemy hands. It is only if the Jump Gate is in immediate danger that these Sect Members will directly join combat and give orders to the surrounding player base, but deliberately allowing the Jump Gate to come under risk is a crime of substantial magnitude.

As time goes on, the player base is likely to find that subjugating the immediate area and ensuring its safety will become high on their list of priorities as allowing threats to flourish unthreatened will result in the lethality of the area spiking rapidly. Often, however, the player base will not have the time or the resources to pursue multiple potential threats and will have to live with the consequences of their choices. The higher ranking Sect Members will at no time make any decisions for the player base, as they are simply there to observe and make note of which individuals are showing exemplary skill. Indeed you will need to provide these Sect Members with good reason why they should intervene on your behalf in even the simplest of ways, beyond providing information and advice on the types of creatures you may face.

Ultimately the choice of what to do, where to go, what foes to face and what decisions to make will fall solely on the shoulders of the player base, along with any and all consequences of those choices.


At its core, Tal'Vorn is a high fantasy, high combat, high magic system designed to maximise the rush and thrill a player gets in combat. There will be many non-combat encounters, but the Linear is the core of the gameplay. A 'Linear', for those of you who do not know, is a self-contained adventure consisting of a series of encounters that leads to a final confrontation with a 'boss monster' or 'a treasure' as the final encounter. Many of the quests and adventures that players will partake in whilst at Tal'Vorn will broadly of this format.

There is no reason to feel obligated to go on every Linear however, and indeed some of them will eventually be either too dangerous for new players or have a limited number of available player slots due to the nature of the journey. Players staying in camp will still have the major NPC's to interact with and to be frank even the encampment is not a safe place and is likely to be attacked at any time. We will always do our absolute best to ensure that every player has something to keep themselves entertained for the duration of the event but it remains the responsiblity of the player base to interact with plot and NPC's presented, as well as to seek out adventure and excitement.

Game Format

We are reasonably confident that the crew for Tal'Vorn Live will be of sufficient number to run most of the encounters that the player base is likely to encounter. However, we may sometimes as for player volunteers to assist with Crewing some more involved or large encounters. Such requests are likely to be made long before the actual event and so most players will be aware of when they would be needed to crew in the event of them volunteering.

Broadly speaking the game is split into 6 'Time Slots' during which linears will take place. Between these time slots, players have an opportunity to heal, rest, eat, interact with the NPC's, gather information, worship the various Gods and generally recover from the hazards of their adventures. Once we have final booking numbers, we will be able to determine our need, if any, for volunteers to crew a time slot from amongst the player base. If you are temporarily crewing or indeed a member of our full time Game Crew, we would ask that when you head up to the Monster Hut you do so in Basic Kit.

Basic Kit, for those of you unaware, consists of an In-Character (IC) shirt or tunic, preferably of a dark colour, and your usual trousers and boots. Any weapons you have and are willing to bring along to use as a monster would be extremely helpful as we currently have a limited stock of weaponry to loan out. Hopefully this fact will change in the future as we go forwards and are able to invest in the system.

The Time Slots are listed below for your edification;

  • Friday Night - 8.30pm - 11/11.30 pm
  • Saturday Morning - 10.30am - 1.30pm
  • Saturday Afternoon - 3pm - 6pm
  • Saturday Night - 8pm - 11/11.30pm
  • Sunday Morning - 10am - 12pm
  • Sunday Afternoon - 1pm - 3pm


Once you have come up the Monster Hut, we will start to get you into kit for the roles we require for the Time Slot. Often this will mean face paint, clothing, prosthetics and so forth. If you have any allergies to latex or facepaint, please let us know when you book or volunteer to crew. We will also provide you with a laminated card with all of your current monsters stats on. These will be much simplified from the Player Cards as they will simply list the number of hits, immunities and any special calls.

Once we are prepared, we will most likely have to wait a short time for the player base to get ready before we head out to 'seed the linear'. In the case of a camp attack, this simply means going out with your assigned ref and following their instructions. For a more involved linear, it may mean waiting at a specific point to ambush the players whilst the rest of the crew move further along the path to prepare further 'surprises'. In these instances we will always leave a member of permanent crew with any volunteer crew group to ensure that the aims of the linear are fulfilled. If you are a volunteer player, then please listen to the permanent crew member as they will have a much more detailed understanding of what is happening than yourselves.

Naturally we aim for monstering to be as fun as possible and we encourage both crew and volunteer players to throw themselves into it with gusto. After all, if you are enthusiastic about being a gribbly creature, then those on the linear will respond to this with their own enthusiasm, leading to a much more enjoyable time for all.