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White Winged Angel.


Representative Within Haven

James GateWarder, Sorcerer First Class; Human

Opinion of Other Sects

Air - "Be wary which of Javersith's Children you ask for aid, as some are gentle and caring and others are brutal and uncompromising. Still, we owe this Race a great debt for their aid during the Great Plague that caused the division of our Race. Help them, protect them and keep them safe if you can, in repayment for this."

Dark - "Strong, powerful, useful and incredibly hard to kill . . . yet the Anvar are inherently fools. Born of a deity's disinterest, yet they desperately cling to the idea that Solar cares about anything at all in this universe. Heed not their dogma, but treat them with respect regardless for an angered Eater of Metal is a dangerous thing indeed."

Earth - "Honour them for their skill that can rival even our own Blue Wings, their trade providing our Black Wings with much needed weapons and armour. They make for talented combatants, tough and wilful, stubborn almost beyond reason. However be wary as they hold grudges like no other, their anger slow burning and ever lasting unlike the short fused DragonLords or Anvar."

Fire - "They are as varied as the Humans, in their own way, though it would be wise to never mention that fact to their face. Rage is the legacy of Shaltar's Children, pulsing and screaming in their blood. No matter how calm or gentle the Children of the Dragon seem, remember first and foremost that a monster lives in the heart of each of them. Consider carefully if their strength and skill is worth the potential risks."

Healer - "Our relationship with the Humans is . . . complicated. We exploited their apparent racial memory and fear of 'Angelic' beings during the Great War to massive effect, something that we, even today, are not proud of. They are powerful in their own way, being one of the few Races capable of producing legitimately powerful Psykers, and they seem to have an inherent knack for most magics. They will never be as skilled at calling down the lightning as an Angelic Caster, but their broad skill and flexibility is something to be respected."

Ice - "Wilfully lackadaisical, the Children of Hydros are cheerful, swift, playful and amusing. They also have a worrying tendency towards crime, pranks and, occasionally, complete uselessness. If you can motivate them, however, their swiftness, absolute fearlessness and supreme agility are amazing assets."

Knave - "They are almost Human, but possessed of a nobility that few others seem to be able to see. Melancholy follows all three of the Soulless Breeds, but burns fiercest in the youngest, the Soulless-Born. Lacking the insectile Myrmidons unmatched skill with magics and the colossal Abaddons phenomenal strength, the 'Born' make up for it with courage, determination and an implacable drive to honour their creator, the Nightbringer Hevar."




The Order




Blue Winged Angel.

Sect Physrep

Colour; Primary Physrep. - To play an Angel you -must- possess Wings in one of these five shades. Small wings such as those purchased from Ann ummers or as part of cheap Halloween Costumes are not a suitable physrep. Angels are known by their large, feathered wings. The colour varies between the five Breeds, with wing colour being indicative of their abilities and place in Angelic society.

The colours available are; Gold "The Nobles", Blue "The Artists", Grey "The Diplomats", White "The Builders" and Black "The Warriors".

Symbol - The skin of many Angels seems to be lit from above by a halo of light in the same shade as their wings. This gives them a strange, other worldly look.

This can be achieved through the usage of appropriately coloured make up along the forehead, nose, upper cheek bones, tops of the ears, shoulders, collar bone and chin.

Tattoo - Angels of the various different Breeds have typical colours of hair associated with their wing colour.

Clothing - Angels favour long, flowing robes, togas, stola and tunics. The colour of their clothing often reflects that of their wings and halos or sometimes highlights it with complementary or opposing colours.

Weapon Preferences - Angels primarily favour two major different kinds of equipment when they go to war. The majority of Angels, including the Black Winged, favour long, stabbing spears, heavy, broad shields and short blades for up-close work. This flexible array of armament allows an Angel to defend themselves against the majority of threats without needing excessive training. The minority of Angels, especially those trained to fight in the Great Arena in the City of Elis, favour more esoteric weaponry; bucklers and longswords, tridents and punch-daggers, heavy maces and hammers.

Naturally those trained in the College of War are often schooled in the basics of nearly every weapon on the planet, with Warrior Sect Angels often favouring their own unusual combinations. Indeed it has become common in recent years for Angels to make use of their strength and speed to wield massive two-handed swords and heavy pole-weapons in place of their more traditional equipment.


Angelic names are typically quite short, though there are exceptions, and often feature an 'us' or 'a' final syllable. As Angels are not really born so much as brought into existence, many of them eventually choose their own name. For example:

Male: Atellus, Brutus, Canus, Hannibal, Justinus, Labeo, Malleolus
Female: Annalis, Bassa, Crispina, Eleanor, Helva, Imperiosa, Lucia
Black Winged Angel.


  • SkyBorn
  • Shining Ones
  • Pigeon (insult)
  • The Legions
  • 'Grey' Winged (and so forth for the relevant colour)
  • The Blinding
  • The Blessed
  • The Divided (insult)

Patron Deity

The Angels are fiercely proud in their worship of Aeros, their Divine Father. They do not kneel before Him, believing instead that they should be strong and noble in their bearing. They bow their heads in respect, touching fingertips to lips and heart at the start and end of their prayers. Heartfelt words and prayers are offered up in place of physical offerings as the Angels are well aware that the Sky Lord has no interest in gifts.

These prayers are offered up when the Angel awakens, often as the very first thing they do upon laying eyes on the blue of the sky, in honour of their creator. Thunderstorms are also a time to honour Aeros, the Angel's revelling in the display of their deities might.