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Warrior trained, devoted to all weapons and the close press of melee, you have chosen well!

Naturally everyone has a place they were born, and this step has an effect upon your background and some of the abilities you pick up to begin the game.

Step Four; Birthplace

Collegarium+5 Mani and High Tongue

The seat of education for all the Casting Sects

Dawn Islands+8 Organic Materials per Event and Pravus

A metaphorical breadbasket for the cities of Tal’Vorn, the Dawn Islands have recently come under attack from Pravaii raiders

Dragon IsleBlesséd by Shaltar and Draconic

Birthplace of the Shaltarian Faith and home of the Dragon God’s Temple

Drazzahezz+1 Crafting Slot and Conflarian

Underground city and sprawling mine works of the Conflaris

Ehovia+1 Hit

This Angel City is home to the White Wings, designed for function over form

Elis+1 Double per Combat

Angelic City of War, Elis is home to the Black Wings, the Arena and to the College of War, the foremost military training academy

Faber+1 Crafting Slot

Home of the Blue Wings, Faber is renowned as a place of exquisite craftsmanship and talented craftsmen

Grath+3 Organic, +3 Inorganic and +3 Technological Components per Event

Smog-choked and industrial, the port city of Grath is the primary home of the Research and Ice Sects

HaltimeranBlesséd by Hydros and Mermish

A great dome keeps the ocean surrounding this coral carved underwater city at bay and providing dry land and clean air for all

KaramaterraBlesséd by Terra and High Tongue

A baking hot city of step pyramids, dominated by the Earth Sect and surrounded by lush jungle

Land of Dusk+8 Inorganic Materials per Event and Pravus

Shadowed for most of the day by the colossal Angel Peaks to the west, the Land of Dusk is barren but one of the only sources of precious iron

Magus CouncilFree Superior Weapon you are trained in per Event and High Tongue

Home of the Magus Council itself, this mighty fortress is far and away the single most formidable stronghold on the planet

RegalisBlesséd by Aeros

Carved of gleaming purple marble, Regalis is home of the Gold Winged Angels and the seat of their faith and government

Shadow Isles+1 Hit and Demonic

Under the threat of constant Demon attack from the nearby Isle of the Dead, this archipelago still somehow maintains a strong population of farmers, Casters and miners

TalBlessed by Javersith and High Tongue

Like a sword from a corpse, the great spire that Tal is built atop rises from Vorn City. Home of the rich and the powerful and seat of the LifeMayor of Tal

Trath+8 Organic Materials per Event and Mermish

Primary city of the Arrowhead Isles, this city is a peaceful dichotomy of fisherman and the wealthy.

Vorn+1 Dodge and +1 Hit

A steel dome in a glass desert, mighty, multi-levelled Vorn is home to a billion people and rife with crime and suffering

Zatay+4 Organic Materials and +4 Inorganic Materials per Event

The Angelic city of diplomacy and home to Grey Wings

Abilities gained so far;

Heavy Armour Use, Immunity to Knockdown, 5 Mani/Power

Characteristics gained so far;

Will 2

Languages gain so far;

Angelic, Common