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You represent an investment by others, your education an expenditure and task taken on willingly by others.

Your education is important, and can provide multiple advantages and languages for you to utilise in your missions and adventures.

Step Five; Education

Collegarium - +5 Mani and +3 Languages of your choice

The height of prestige and higher learning

Military - +1 Hit, +1 Double and +1 Language of your choice

Training with the armies of either a Noble House or a high ranking Caster

Mentor - You gain a Mentor and +1 Language of your choice

Personally trained and educated by a higher ranking individual

Public - +1 Dodge and +2 Languages of your choice

Educated en masse with your peers

Tribal - +1 Hit, +1 Deathclock, Forage 1 and +1 Language of your choice

Raised with the traditions and beliefs of an extended family unit

Abilities gained so far;

Heavy Armour Use, Immunity to Knockdown, Worshipper of Hydros, 5 Mani/Power

Characteristics gained so far;

Will 2

Languages gain so far;

Angelic, Common, Pravus