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At this point the bones of your character are in place and you should have a solid idea of who they are.

Now comes the last step, spending your starting XP in order to gain mechanical abilities to use in game.

Step Six; Spend Your Starting XP

At the bottom of the page is a list of abilities and characteristics gained so far by your choices up until this point. These are FREE and there is no point trying to rebuy them from the following skill trees!

Below is the General, Class and Sect Skill Trees based upon the choices you have made. For definitions of each of the skills, please visit the Skill page which will clarify everything.

You have a total of 20 XP to spend, of which a minimum of 5 XP must be spent in the Earth Sect Skill Tree.


Abilities gained so far;

Heavy Armour Use, Immunity to Knockdown, Worshipper of Hevar, 15 Mani/Power

Characteristics gained so far;

Will 2

Languages gain so far;

Angelic, Common, High Tongue and 3 Others