Focusing upon the icy grasp of winter and the chill of snow, Ice Magic is a powerful, if somewhat limited, form of magic. It is at it's strongest in the north and in areas of high water content, and at it's weakest in the deep deserts and hot jungles, which would explain why the Ice Sect has it's headquarters in the port city of Grath rather then the desert bound Vorn or the jungle drowned Karamaterra.
Forbidden Magic
Like all of the Recognized Forms of Magic, Ice Magic is a method for incredibly powerful spells to be cast, and thus, has it's own Forbidden Magic. Locked away by the Magus Council, these Spells are too powerful for any but the most stalwart of heroes to wield.

Sect Political Information

The Sect of Ice is a branch, originally, of the Water Sect, though they have since developed their skills and their Magics to the point at which they can be classed as totally separate from the Water Sect.

The Ice Sect is generally looked down upon by the other Sects due to their lack of numbers and relative inexperience compared to the other Sects. The Lady Ice on the other hand is a ferocious personality, and determined to foster her own Sect's power. Because of this the Ice Sect is perhaps the most allied and the least trusted at the moment, for the Lady Ice has a habit of simply switching sides in any debate to the one that favours her own Sect most.

The Symbol of the Ice Sect is a Falling Snowflake.

The Current Lady Ice is Alicia FrostFormer.

General Allies: All
General Hostilities: Fluctuates frequently
Main Goals of the Ice Sect:- Increase it's Power Base