Dark Magic is the magic of the Dark God, the Corrupter and the spells live up to this legacy, causing horrific pain and terrible wounds to as many people as possible. In some ways it could be called a perfect aggressive magic, yet the price you must pay for such power is steep indeed. The Dark God Himself grants this magic and thus to gain it you must bargain with Him and the Corrupter is rarely satisfied with anything less then the Casters immortal soul. Though this may seem a none existence price to some Humans, it is very much real for the Elder Races, which perhaps explains why so many of the Dark Magic users are human.

Dark Magic spells take the appearance of either crackling black gouts of energy, or have no appearance at all, leaving simply their effects behind them. Generally this breed of magic focuses upon the pain or death of the victim through rot, decay or disease. Spells such as Dark Bolt, a slow drifting orb of pure decay, rot the flesh, blood and bone from the body, so that only immediate amputation can save the victims life. Torment wrack’s the body with pain as every nerve ending in the victim is instantly seemingly set aflame. To cast such spells you must be powerful within the Dark Sect and yet such power can be quickly obtained for those willing to take the risks.

Forbidden Magic
Like all of the Recognized Forms of Magic, Dark Magic is a method for incredibly powerful spells to be cast, and thus, has it's own Forbidden Magic. Locked away by the Magus Council, these Spells are too powerful for any but the most stalwart of heroes to wield.

Sect Political Information

The Dark Sect maintains itself through the rule of the strong. Knowing that unless they work together they are going to be eliminated by Order task-forces, the Dark Magic users are forced to stand together, generally against their will. Thus to determine who will give the commands and to cull the sheer level of infighting within the Sect, the strongest rule through simply killing anyone who opposes them. At first glance this seems a chaotic and illogical system until you realize that everyone who uses Dark Magic is worried first and foremost about staying alive to increase their own power and are thus unlikely to take the immense risks inherent in attacking a more powerful Dark Caster. Indeed even someone technically weaker then themselves could slip past a dangerous spell or two and with Dark Magic one or two spells can be enough to fatally end a fight.

The Symbol of Dark Magic is a Black Skull.

The leader of the Dark Sect is unknown. However the most powerful Dark Wizard at large today, and the self-proclaimed Lord Dark is Vardar GuardianSlayer.

General Allies: Blood, Corrupt
General Hostilities: All other branches of Magic
Main Goals of Dark Sect: Increase it's Power Base and to KILL!